Exploring Catholicism – simplified

Catholicism is beautiful, mysterious, and severely misunderstood. 

And as a current theology student who is going through conversion, I feel it is my calling to help others understand the Catholic faith and rectify misunderstandings where I can.

Guadalupe Faith Connection serves to help non-Catholics and even Catholics lacking in knowledge of their faith understand the complex web that is Catholicism.

The Catholic faith and Church is steeped in millennia of history and teachings. Even many Catholics don’t know much about Church teachings, never mind non-Catholics! I want to change that by making Catholicism accessible to everyone and tie all these “red threads” found in the faith together.

Have a burning question about Catholicism? Let me know – I want to find an answer for you!

About the writer

I'm Candace Bryant-Lester. I'm an MDiv student at Saint Joseph's College and converting to Catholicism from Wicca. Unlike many others who convert to Catholicism as adults, I was actually raised in the Catholic Church from the time I was ten years old – before that, I was exposed to a variety of Christian denominations, but was never baptized or even considered myself Christian. My home parish has considered me an honorary Catholic, though, since I've always been around to serve and volunteer. I was Wiccan for the past 15 years, but after many, many years of research I've come home. After realizing that I am just like the Apostle Paul despite hating him all these years, I feel called to share my knowledge so others see how I arrived to my conclusion of becoming Catholic.

Fun Facts

  • I’m married to Levi and we have two rabbits, Kostya and Anthony Hopkins.
  • I’m an alumni of Texas State University, holding a B.S. in Geography with a concentration in geographic information science and a minor in psychology.
  • My hobbies include writing, reading (I consider my reading for grad school fun, for the most part!), blogging and social media, listening to rock and metal music from around the world, and making Russian food.
  • I enjoy cold brew coffee and Thai tea with boba. Anyone down for Bobas and Bibles?!
  • You can keep up with me over at my personal site fromthedeskofcandace.com, where I share my favorite music, personal development and discernment, my journey with managing hypothyroidism, and the life of a full-time theology student.

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