Best Catholic Websites

The Catholic world may seem obscure, but there are a lot of Catholics in the world! And, as it turns out, there’s plenty of Catholic websites, too. With so many out there, I’d like to bring a few, in particular, to your attention. Here are 18 GFC favorites.

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The Vatican

Vatican website

Obviously, the first spot on this list will go to the Holy See itself! The Vatican maintains its own news site, plus you can find the Catechism and Church documents.

United States Catholic Conference of Bishops

The USCCB is a great resource for American Catholics. The website leaves much to be desired for user experience, but there is a huge wealth of information available.

Helpful tip: use the search function if you’re looking for something in particular.

But! You can find the Daily Readings here and find daily reflections, resources, and more at their Catholic Current site that is more user-friendly.


EWTN is one of my favorites. Have I mentioned I’m a huge Mother Angelica fan?!

They recently underwent a huge website overhaul so lots of old links to documents and resources are broken. However, you should be able to use the search function to find old links now.

You can check out their resources on Catholicism, watch or listen to EWTN live online, plus they have content dedicated to kids.

Educational & Devotional

Catholic Answers

When you read the Beginner’s Guides here on GFC, you’ll see that Catholic Answers is referenced quite frequently. They are the go-to source for Catholic apologetics! If you’ve got a question about Catholicism, no matter how obscure, they’ve got an answer for it.

Ascension Presents

I’m a huge fan of Ascension Press and their content. This Catholic publisher is super active on YouTube. Somehow they always post a new video on the exact topic I need to hear about at just the right time. Like, it’s freaky how that works out!

The Ascension Presents site has plenty of great written content that explains the faith and particulars of Catholicism in easily understandable ways. Plus there are resources to help you help your parish!

The Coming Home Network

The Coming Home Network is a wonderful evangelistic ministry that captures conversion stories and maintains resources for those considering conversion. They have a great newsletter containing conversion stories from many folks who found their way home to the Church. Personally, I particularly love stories from previously Protestant people.

Blessed is She

Blessed is She is perhaps most well known for its daily devotions, the Catholic Journaling Bible, and the liturgical planner. They have a great shop full of unique items. More impressively, BIS has created a nation-wide community of Catholic women who frequently hold “Blessed Brunches.” BIS offers plenty of posts on spiritual growth, Catholic living, free wallpapers, and more.

The Word on Fire

Bishop Barron covers a lot in his YouTube videos. I mean, everything from pop culture to science to the Church and beyond. Nothing is off-limits for Bishop Barron’s ministry, Word on Fire, and his videos and resources will keep you busy for a while. Most of my YouTube’s “watch later” list consists of these videos! Bishop Barron offers plenty of resources on the Word on Fire website, including homilies and a podcast.

Pray More Novenas

Pray More Novenas is a website dedicated to, well, helping people pray more novenas! Their signature offering is email reminders on when to start upcoming novenas. Plus they maintain a library of all sorts of novenas you can pray. I’ve spent a whole day reading through novenas here!

Catholic Exchange

Catholic Exchange focuses on spiritual growth and development and offers views from both the Western and Eastern branches of the Church. This site covers pretty much the entire spectrum of Catholic living!

News & Editorial

I browse Catholics news sites periodically and feel like I have to include a content warning for those who aren’t Catholic or very conservative. These sites are not afraid to tackle the big issues and do not dance around these issues lightly at all. Instead, they go straight for the jugular and in not-so-polite terms. All this to say: don’t be totally shocked when you open up one of these news sites! Sometimes I open one up and it shakes me up a bit with what is covered. In no uncertain terms, these sites provide the news from a Catholic perspective that is faithful to the teachings of the Church. So, of course, they aren’t going to be secular culture-friendly.

Catholic News Agency

Catholic News Agency is perhaps the forerunner in Catholic news. That’s all that needs to be said about it, honestly!

National Catholic Register

National Catholic Register is an extension of EWTN offering Catholic reporting faithful to the Magisterium. The site places a heavy emphasis on opinion/editorial pieces. I manage to end up on the site often! Even though, as you can tell from the headlines in the screenshot above, it covers plenty of controversial topics.

Catholic News Service

Catholic News Service is another popular Catholic news site.

National Catholic Reporter

National Catholic Reporter is another site that features plenty of opinion/editorial pieces, but it includes those that aren’t exactly kosher, so to speak. Two posts I have bookmarked, in particular, are “Childless by Choice” and “Young Progressive Catholics Really Do Care About the Church” – definitely not Magisterium-friendly articles!

America Magazine

America Magazine is a Jesuit publication, so it isn’t exactly popular in the first place (take their recent piece that has a sympathetic bent towards communism), but I think it should be. The magazine covers lots of news, but also offers pieces on Catholic culture, social justice, and more. It offers plenty of interesting and differing views in a very respectful manner.

On the Lighter Side


ChurchPop offers a lot of fun stuff like quizzes and games alongside news and Catholic lifestyle articles. Personally, I also follow them on social media and like their infographics.

Busted Halo

Busted Halo is another fun site with a heavy focus on spiritual growth. Plus, they’ve got a podcast and a radio show on SiriusXM!


LifeTeen is a national Catholic youth ministry in the US. I’m definitely past the teen years at this point, but even I have found their articles lighthearted and helpful. Plus, my RCIA sponsor leads the youth ministry at my church, so I have a soft spot for the ministry. 🙂

There are a ton of Catholic websites out there, but this wraps up GFC’s top 18 Catholic websites to get you started. Are there any Catholic websites you visit that aren’t on the list?

There’s plenty more to the digital Catholic world than just websites. Stay tuned for posts on Catholic apps, Instagram accounts, podcasts, and blogs you should follow! Are there any you would recommend?